Help Save the Administration Building

Learn how you can help express your opinion about historically preserving the Administration Building located at 501 W. University Drive.

Please remain steadfast and show your support for the historical preservation of the Administration Building. Continue to submit your opinion to the Board of Education. 

Ways to help:

1. Learn the history of the buildings and the site: History of RCS Administration Building/Harrison Building

2. Show your support for the historic preservation of the Administration Building and buy a t-shirt from Junction 1869.  A portion of the sale proceeds will be donated to RAHS to help fund local preservation efforts. Purchase online here.

3. Continue to contact the school board and interim superintendent stating your support for the preservation of the building.

4. Join our Facebook Group for updates:

WPA Mural Update: 

Recently RAHS learned that the Marvin Beerbohm mural and the Leonard Jungwirth bas relief were moved to the new administration building in the spring of 2023. To learn more about the mural, visit WPA Mural.


Rochester Community Schools Purchases Administrative Building; Will Move Out of Current Admin Building

Please be advised of recent developments involving the RCS Board of Education. At the April 12 BOE meeting, viewable on YouTube, the board passed a resolution to purchase the old Letica building on Dequindre for use as a “new” administration building. That means the old historic administration building on University may be in jeopardy.

April 12, 2021 RCS School Board packet, Page 90:

YouTube: at about 1:35 in the video is when they begin discussing the admin building:

RAHS has reached out to the school board president to discuss this matter further and possibly be involved in a proposed citizen committee to discuss the current historic administration building.

Please take time to make your comments about these events known to the school board:…/boa…/contact-the-boar


RAHS Passes Resolution

In February 2022, the RAHS board of directors passed a resolution in favor of historically preserving the Administration Building located at 501 W. University Drive. Click here to view the resolution. This document is non-binding and is a statement from the historical society. It was sent to a number of local government entities and cultural organizations.