December 3, 2020

With a generous grant provided by the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester, Rochester-Avon Historical Society recently published a new book titled, History in the Heart of the Hills: A Rochester Area Heritage Tour. The book includes over sixty historical sites, as well as source notes and a bibliography for further reading and research. 

“The society wishes to thank the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester for their support and financial assistance in helping us publish this new history tour book,” said Tiffany Dziurman, president of the Rochester-Avon Historical Society. “We are grateful to have completed this project during a historic global crisis and to provide something new for our members and community to enjoy.”

The book highlights historic structures and sites from the early days of the nineteenth century through the post-World War II era with current and historical photos and descriptions. Some of the sites remain. Many of the sites, however, are now gone. The book is also a companion guide to the society’s online walking tours offered on 

“We hope this new publication will continue to educate our growing community about its past,” said Dziurman, “and delight residents and visitors with knowledge about what existed before in the places they visit and see daily.”

The book is available for sale on the society’s website at and its Facebook and Instagram platforms. The book costs $10 plus $3 for shipping and handling.