As we head into a major election year, it may be easy to take sides and stay steadfast in our opinions and ideas about the world we want to live in. As a community organization, the Rochester-Avon Historical Society (RAHS) has been and will remain neutral about politics and political causes. We do not endorse candidates running for public office. We do not give to political causes. Certainly, there are legal reasons RAHS does not take part in politics – we are a nonprofit organization — but there are also reasons related to our mission:

The Rochester-Avon Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that educates our community about local history to foster appreciation and preservation of our historical resources and pride of place.

In recent surveys conducted by the American Historical Association, Americans are looking to historical societies and museums in increasing numbers to help separate fact from fiction when it comes to news and politics. Historical societies like ours offer a respite from the complexities of a 24-hour news cycle. RAHS and other similar agencies help to put news and information into context, separate fact from fiction, and offer lessons in how history repeats itself.

During the 2019-2020 season RAHS has featured programs on a variety of subjects. From suffrage and immigration to war and mental health, we hope our programs inspire and foster appreciation for history regardless of political views or parties. RAHS is a community organization that welcomes all with respect and gratitude. We are certain that as this election year unfolds, our members and the community we serve will continue to value RAHS for its mission and love for history.

Wishing you a great New Year ahead!